Lose fear and become happier

Psychotherapy in English in Cologne

Living in another country: exciting and life-changing!

But you feel lost

You are an expat in Cologne, you feel lost, not at home and German is not your native language? Your dream was to start your new life curious and energetic, but now you are listless and everything is exhausting and no fun. But I´m by your side and so you don’t have to deal with your worries and fears alone. I offer you professional support to get more energy so that you can enjoy your life here.

No matter why you ended up in Cologne

No matter why you came to Cologne, I’m available to support you on your journey to feeling at home here faster.


You came here for professional reasons. You do not only want to work, but also have the energy to have a fulfilling private life and get to know your new home

Or your partner has been transferred to the Rhineland for professional reasons and you just followed him. Now it is difficult for you to lead a happy, self-determined life

Or was it love? Here, too, your different cultures meet and you want to maintain yourself as an individual and find your way to a fulfilled life

Or maybe your family has decided that you have better opportunities in Germany

Full of enery for a happier and better life

Lack of support and orientation

Living in a foreign culture and environment, without familiar structures and support comes with huge challenges. No one is around to listen to you. You lack support and orientation. It may well be that topics are now emerging that have already occupied you before, but which you have been able to suppress successfully. Then I am happy to be there for you and to support you with psychotherapy in English

First of all – arrive at your inner home

I will accompany you on your way to find yourself. As long as this has not happened, it is also difficult to live happily and balanced under challenging conditions in a foreign environment. I will listen to your fears and worries and I am happy to help you sorting out your thoughts. Together we will find out what you need to live happier and more fulfilled here.

What values are really yours?

Values from different cultures often collide and it is very important to understand where this comes from. This will help you to get a much better understanding of your aquaintances here in Germany. Together we can check which of your values are still valid and which no longer belong to you at all.


Maybe old beliefs make life in another culture difficult for you. I am happy to support you in becoming aware of them and working through them. Are they still yours or do they just hold you up? We’ll find out together and discover out more about yourself..

Quickly feel at home in Cologne

Feel at home in Cologne faster

I am happy to support you in making you feel at home in Cologne faster! Together we find a way that you feel happier and get more energy. I support you in letting go of your fears so that you can open up to social contacts. Because only in contact with other people can you enjoy your life here best.

Social contacts – the most important!

Social contacts are so important for us. They become even more important when you have left your home country and are now living in an unknown culture and environment without your usual surroundings. Your family and friends are far away. Limited social contact can lead to isolation, loneliness and even depression.


The resulting lack of drive often leads to even more withdrawal. This will make it more difficult to arrive in the culture that is new to you and ready to welcome you. How are you supposed to meet new people if you don’t feel like leaving the house and meeting other people? This is a vicious circle and I am happy to support you in escaping it.

Right now I am enjoying

life in Cologne!

A practical example

I would like to give you the example of a young expat who came to me during a depressive phase. At the beginning of our cooperation, she did not feel at home at all, but very uncomfortable in Germany. She wasn’t motivated to meet other people at all..

We worked on her values and especially the relationship with her parents. She realised that certain values were not hers and made her life unnecessarily difficult. After a few sessions, she reported that her quality of life has definitely improved and that she is really enjoying life in Cologne right now! This you can also achieve.


New perspectives – new opportunities

Kölle – do bes e Jeföhl  (Cologne – you are a feeling)

Cologne is a very special city. We, the people from Cologne, are known for being particularly relaxed, liberal and very open. Cologne is certainly not the most beautiful city, but as we say: it´s a feeling. A feeling of tolerance and love of life.


Only you just can’t feel it – yet. I support you in gaining access to your feelings. You learn to trust them and listen to your heart. This way you get access to your intuition and feel what you really want!

Use the chances of this beautiful city

Expat community in Cologne

All this makes it much easier to socialize here. And there is a very active expat community in Cologne, which makes it much easier for you to arrive. A wide variety of activities on offer. Whether in large or small groups, in English or even in your native language.

Something about me

What qualifies me

I am „Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“ (a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy). This profession only exists in Germany and that’s why you’ve probably never heard of it. You take an exam at the health department (Gesundheitsamt) where you prove your knowledge of psychology and symptoms of all mental illnesses. I passed my exam before the „Gesundheitsamt Köln“ in 2015.


In addition to the theoretical knowledge, therapeutic methods are of course necessary in order to be able to practice as „Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“. I have undergone more than four years of very intensive training in Gestalt Therapy. Moreover, I am also qualified in the wonderful person-centered talk therapy.

With a lot of life and professional experience

As an empathetic therapist in Cologne, with a lot of life and professional experience, I am happy to support you on your journey. It’s not a problem if you don’t speak German, because I am happy to offer you psychotherapy in English. I know German culture and especially that of my hometown Cologne. I have worked with other cultures throughout my whole professional life and enjoyed it from the very beginning. This contact was really exciting and enriching for me.

With me you can bring up your insecurities and worries about your life in a foreign culture. Don’t compare your life in Cologne with that in your home country. Of course, it’s different! And it will be much easier if you accept it as it is. The more curious you are, the more is possible. I am happy to support you in finding more joy and energy.

A good therapist needs a lot of self-awareness

Above all, I gained so much self-awareness during my training. I’ve gone through quite a few processes. They were often painful, but then very liberating and sustainably helpful. My biggest no-go was to open up to other people and cry in front of them – today I know how consoling and helpful this is.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about anything with me. In our sessions, you can be yourself and throw all conventions overboard. This is so freeing and makes room for energy and zest for action.


Humor versus seriousness

I have lot of both. My sense of humor has never left me. It makes many things easier and more bearable, especially in my therapeutic work. I don’t wipe anything away with a joke. Often my humorous way helps to regain courage and not to sink into despair.

I can also be very serious. I don’t think one excludes the other. On the contrary, the combination helps not to look away and at the same time allows for the necessary lightness.

You find more about me, under the tab Anja Droste, in German.


Feel quicker at home in Cologne

My experience abroad

I have lived in Spain for half a year. So I know what it’s like to meet an unknown culture and to feel all alone. At that time, I would have liked someone with whom I could communicate easily, who knew the culture and took the time to listen to me.

I have an open ear for you. With me you can sort out your thoughts and break the eternal cycle. I hear the unsaid and put it into words for you. With me you can pour out your heart, get out of loneliness and get into your energy


New perspectives in life – don´t miss the chance!

Living in another country can bring you completely new perspectives if you are curious and open-minded. I am so happy to support you in taking advantage of this opportunity! Don’t miss the chance to feel at home in this wonderful city. It’s worth it!

Feel free to take a look at my home page. The other pages are in German. Maybe they give you some further information. If not, just use my contact form at the bottom of the page and get into direct contact with me.


So that there aren´t any surprises, here the most important things in English:

My conditions:

Before our first session, we both get to know each other personally in a free initial consultation of about 30 minutes in my practice in the centre of Cologne. Here we can both see if the chemistry between us is right and set the framework for our possible cooperation. You can tell me about your current situation and I tell you something about how I work, about me and my attitude. Here you can ask me any question that concern you

I do not offer a first session immediately after this first personal meeting. First of all, we both take the time to think about whether we fit together. Please let me know within 3 days if you would like to have an appointment. If I have the feeling that we should not to work together, I would get back to you within 2 days at the latest. If we both agree and you would like to book an appointment, please send me an email and I will call you within 24 hours.

My fee for a single session (60 minutes) is EUR 90,00.

Of course we can also arrange longer individual sessions based on this hourly rate, depending on your current needs. 

I always issue my invoices at the end of the calendar month and send you a collective invoice for the entire month by email.

Find your energy!

How does such an appointment work?

I start each session with a three-minute silence so that we can both focus on the moment and bring distance to the outer world. Then I ask you to tell me what you are feeling at the moment. This is how we approach your topic, either with Gestalt Therapy or talk therapy. Depending on what’s best for you at that moment. Finally, I always ask you again what you take away from the session and what has changed for you.

During the session, I ask that you mute your phone so that you are fully present.

I always offer you tea and water.



Please be there about 5-10 minutes before our scheduled appointment so that we can start on time. There is a nice relaxing waiting room where you can wait comfortably.



As a rule, health insurance companies do not cover the costs of „Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“ and you need to bear the costs yourself. Your advantage is that I can offer you an appointment quite quickly and there will be no long waiting times.

Some private health insurance companies cover the treatment costs of „Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“ on a pro rata basis according to the schedule of fees for „Heilpraktiker“ (GebüH).

Appointment cancellations

Treatment times are precious development times and only available to a limited extent. Therefore, I ask you to cancel an appointment that you cannot keep at least 24 hours in advance.

Unfortunately, I have to charge you 80% for appointments that are not cancelled in time.

Online sessions

I also offer sessions online. The condition for this is a first, previous personal meeting in my practice. I am working with Red Medical and will send you the invitation by email at least 30 minutes before the session. You don’t need to install anything in advance. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a place where you can be undisturbed during the session.

Contact me!

Just send me an email with your phone number and I will call you back within 24 hours to fix a date for a first free consultation. Please mention your name and email (both mandatory), subject (Betreff) and message (Deine Nachricht)

    For data protection reasons, I would like to ask you not to send me any information about your state of health via this contact form.

    If you send me a message via my contact form, I will store your details from the enquiry form, including the contact details you provided there, to process your enquiry and in the event of follow-up questions. I will not pass on this data without your consent. Please also note the further information on data protection and revocation notices.

    Anja Droste